StyleBlazer | Beyonce Surprises Coachella Fans, Performs with Solange!

Day two of Coachella– April 12th– was one to remember. Of course, as we all know by now, Alexander Wang took the night as a prime opportunity to announce his collaboration with H&M during his Coachella party with the brand. But in addition to that, BeyoncĂ©– fresh off of her world tour and Out magazine cover– popped up onstage with her sister Solange.

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DETAILS | 3 Ways Brooks Brothers' Harris Tweed Blazers are Sustainable

Both Harris Tweed and Brooks Brothers are decidedly old-school menswear institutions, so it might be surprising to hear that the clothes they create together are way ahead of the curve when it comes to sustainable fashion. Representatives from the two firms joined each other on stage this week at Glasgow Caledonian University to discuss, among other things, just how environmentally-friendly the clothes they've been producing for over the past 80 years really are.

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StyleBlazer | Supreme NYC announces Brooks Brothers, drops Dead Kennedys collabs

It seems that every week we are talking about street wear brand Supreme , and justly so. Just this week that have announced a collaboration with iconic American brand Brooks Brothers and will also be dropping their Dead Kennedys collaboration online today.

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StyleBlazer | Unfortunately this "American Blogger" Trailer is Not a Joke

When the trailer for the upcoming independent documentary “American Blogger” hit the Twittersphere, it was as if the world–at least through the lens of the people we follow–collectively pursed its lips; IE: it was a catastrophe. And that reaction wasn’t entirely unwarranted.

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StyleBlazer | Snoopy is Back! The New BAPE Peanut Collection out Soon

Do you remember sitting in front of the TV watching Saturday morning cartoons? Watching Charlie Brown in his trademark yellow zig zag shirt listen to his teachers drone on in class “wah, wah, wah?” Well A Bathing Ape aka BAPE wants to bring those memories back with their latest collection.

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StyleBlazer | Marie Claire names Fresh Faces Including Lupita Nyong'o, Kate Mara, Elle Fanning

Decked out in a hot pink Christopher Kane dress, her perfect skin shimmering with the lack of shoulder straps, Lupita Nyong’o is one of five actresses who received a May cover for Marie Claire‘s Fresh Faces issue. The Oscar-winning Mexican-born, Kenyan-raised actress is joined by Elizabeth Olsen, Elle Fanning, Emilia Clarke, and Kate Mara.

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StyleBlazer | 10 Ways The Beckham Family is Building a Fashion Empire

If the rumor mill can be believed–and we tend to take rumors from fashion trade journal Women’s Wear Daily as very likely–then the Beckham family might be adding yet another stone to the fashion fortress they currently inhabit. According to WWD, David Beckham, former soccer player and father of the family, might be in talks to create a casual sportswear brand.

With the possibility of a Beckham sportswear brand in mind, as well as the recent activity of his sons and ongoing business of his wife, Victoria Beckham, you might start to wonder if the Beckhams are building an empire in the fashion business.

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StyleBlazer | The 10 Best Tips from GQ's Style Bible

Navigating the waters of men’s style can be a little tricky, so this month GQ magazine gave us the GQ100. Highlighting the top people, places, and labels, the style guide appears in the April issue of the publication and takes a bit to get through completely.

Of course, we went through all 100 tips with a fine-tooth comb, and though we’re not sure that we agree with every single idea (I’m not quite sure that I’ll be rushing out to snag a blouse from The Limited), we did pull out 10 points from the “Style Bible” that you should definitely take note of.

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StyleBlazer | More than 800 show up for Supreme Foamposite Sale, NYPD Shuts It Down

Lines for the drops of new collections can get pretty crazy. It was only a few years ago that H&M was bringing out droves with their collaborations with the likes of Versace and Lanvin and even Target got in on the foray – subsequently getting their online servers overloaded – with collaborations with brands like Missoni. But in recent memory, the brand who has consistently brought out the masses, we’ll call them ‘hypebeasts’ as they are called on many sites, is Supreme.

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StyleBlazer | 10 Pieces With Florals To Wear For Spring 2014

Florals, for spring; groundbreaking.” Any fashion kid worth his or her weight in magazine subscriptions knows the line from “The Devil Wears Prada,” and yet every year up blooms a bouquet of florals for the spring season.
This year in particular high fashion labels took flowered looks and put them to work creating beautifully tailored blazers, color popping tees, and even luxe satin slippers.
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